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Design Challenge: Chocolate - PHASE 2

Today, while you research, be sure to SAVE any photos or text that you think would work well for your project to your Chocolate folder.  Remember, you need to start thinking of color scheme ideas. You can either save images that have color schemes that you like, or you can MAKE your own color scheme palette in Photoshop and save it to the folder.  

If you're ready, you can start placing your research ideas to an 11 in tall x 17 in wide, 300 ppi document called "2_lastname_choc_research".  This should be a big collage FULL of ideas.  You should add text and ideas about what you like about the pieces and how you might use them.  

You should have at least 10 to 15 pieces collected for this research collage.


Design Challenge: Chocolate - PHASE 1


Dear students,

My name is Maria Willems and for the past 10 years, I've been selling my handmade chocolate bars at farmer's markets, at holiday bazaars, and to custom order clients. Now that I'm retired, I'm looking to start selling bars in a storefront in downtown. First, I need an updated look for my packages. I hope you can help.

The name of my company is Le Petis Riens and for the past few years, I've simply used my handwriting on simple gold and silver packages. I only make three types of chocolate - white, milk, and dark - but I want them to stand out as a fancy treat that you might give a loved one. I imagine that my client is someone my age, who likes the finer things in life, even if they can't afford them usually. I've travelled to Europe three times in my life and can never get enough of Belgium, Amsterdam or the France/Germany border. Those areas just SCREAM "chocolate" and European luxury.  

Oh, my chocolate bars each weigh about 120g (4.24 oz).  They're each about 4 inches x 6 inches. I'll get you precise dimensions soon. I don't have a color scheme in mind, but when I think of my product I think of Paris in the springtime and all of the colors of the trees, mixing with the old-world style builindgs and streets.  I do want people to know that it's a fancy product, but I do want them to know that it's made in America.  I hope you can help.


Ms. Willems

Design Process:

Step 1: Identify the problem

Step 2: Research

Step 3: Brainstorm

Step 4: Draft

Step 5: Deliver Draft / Edit

Step 6: Publish / Deliver Final



  • Make a new folder called "Chocolate" 
  • Inside this folder make a folder called "Research"
  • Make a new Google Document called "Chocolate Problem".
  • Design problem resource:
  • Write a short description of the DESIGN PROBLEM.  Start your description with: "My Client Maria Willems..."  Be sure to share your finished design problem statement with me in Google.
  • Next, begin the research process.  Use the web to research everything she mentions in her letter. What type of things should you research?



30 Minute Challenge: PSA Poster

Use the requirements, copy, and image below to create a poster fighting sexual harassment in our school.  USE your knowledge of BALANCE to make your composition most effective.


Tagline: Harassment Hurts

Subtext: Every day, girls in our school are sexually harassed. While it may seem like a harmless joke, this kind of talk has lasting, damaging effects.

Girls who suffer from repeated sexual harassment are much more likely than other student to suffer from depression; sleeplessness; poor school performance; self-harm; eating disorders; suicide; and other personal issues.


The image below and all of the copy above.

You may reorganize the copy.


Use only white for your text.





Balance: Using the Rule of Thirds


  • Save the below image to your BALANCE folder
  • Use the below image of the woman to create 4 different 8x8 images showing placement using the rule of thirds.
  • Filenames: rule01, rule02, rule03, rule04
  • Save JPGs to the "rule" folder




Blog Post: Balance


Write a blog post with the following:
  1. Describe what balance in design IS
  2. Describe ASYMMETRICAL balance
  3. Post three animated GIF examples of balance diagrams using ASYMMETRIC balance
  4. Describe how your diagrams show the balance of the photos.
  5. Post your Hunger Games poster using ASYMMETRIC balance
  6. Describe SYMMETRICAL balance
  7. Post three animated GIF examples of balance diagrams using SYMMETRIC balance
  8. Describe how your diagrams show the balance of the photos.
  9. Post your Hunger Games poster using SYMMETRIC balance